Try any one of these quick fixes for instantaneous pick me up!

1. Remove tried old wallpaper and add a couple of coats of paint in an exciting trendy color.
2. Pull down or paint over wall paneling, replace with a fresh coat of paint with one of the new popular colors.
3. Take down the heavy draperies and broken window blinds. Install great new blinds, there are so many new styles and colors available now.
4. Out with the old, in with the new; replace flat and dusty old throw pillows with exciting geometics, textured, jacquard or floral prints.
5. Change your fireplace mantel and surround with beautiful new tiles and/or creative molding for a much improved focal point.
6. Get rid of the old TV, replace with one of the new large flat screens; prices just keep going down.
7. Install new cabinet pulls and a repaint your cabinets for a quick and easy kitchen or bathroom makeover.
8. Pare down and toss out the junk in your home. By scaling back and uncluttering your room, it will instantly look cleaner and more modern.
9. Pull up the old carpeting and install warm natural wood flooring; it will give your room a more spacious look.


Looking for more changes? Roche Painting specializes in a variety of home improvement services, including interior and exterior painting, carpentry, flooring, tiling, decorative molding, and remodeling for homes and businesses alike.

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