Ideas for a Beautiful Spa-Inspired Bathroom

Why not enjoy some of the same luxuries you can experience at your favorite hotel or spa. Not sure where to begin, what’s your favorite color, scent, rug or artwork, they make great inspirational points.

Start with the new wall color. Paint the walls with one or more of the hot new colors such as Behr ’s sage color called Nurturing, Positively Pink, Casual Day or Soul Search, In the Moment, Combucha or Life is Good or Ciava for earth tone lovers. Or one of Sherwin Williams trending colors such as Oceanside paired with a complimentary white for the ceiling and trim.

There are so many exciting and unique materials for flooring, bath, shower, and/or vanity backdrop ceramic tiles for the. There are fabulous tiles to choose from anything from Moroccan, Jerusalem stone, ceramic, glass or watercolor inspired tiles to wood flooring. Don’t forget to pair it up with plush or Asian inspired rugs.

Take one wall and really go bold with it. If your decor is more sedate, dressing up one wall with bright colors and prints will make the rest of the room pop without being overwhelming.

Install radiant heated floor for a cozy year-round environment and/or towel warmer rack. Some even generate enough heat to double as a radiator, so it’ll keep your bathroom toasty during chilly mornings or nights. Select some lux towels. You don’t need to hide them away. Display them in a basket on your counter or open shelving.
If your bathroom can accommodate it consider double vanities. They are not only convenient but can be a real relationship saver. They provide the needed storage and personal space everyone seeks. No more hunting for your toiletries, taking turns spitting into the sink or arguing over hair in the basin. And if you have kids, they don’t have to wait until their sibling finishes up before taking care of their business.

You don’t have to get rid of your old claw foot for a more modern tub, they are still highly favored but give it a twist with more contemporary fixtures. A soaking tub is also a great option for a steamy relaxing soak or add double occupant walk-in shower with multiple shower heads and nozzles to go it alone or share. No room for a separate bath and shower? Create an opulent shower/bath by installing a rainfall showerhead. If you’re on a budget, just change out the shower head for a kinetic 5-setting handheld showerhead.
Get new luxurious monogrammed robes; they make great gift suggestion from your loved ones for your anniversary, Mother’s or Father’s day present. A bath caddy is also a great gift idea, some come complete with a built-in wine glass holder, so you can enjoy a relaxing soak with your favorite Chardonnay or cucumber water and your favorite read.
And don’t forget your favorite scents. Candles, incense or aromatic night lights will awaken all of your senses.

Add some greenery with hanging plants, palm tree, or install a bay or garden window to house your plants. It really adds color and life to your bathroom.

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