2018 Home Improvement Design Trends & Colors

Happy New Year! 2018 should be an exciting and interesting year. This year’s styling is more pared down with natural materials, preferred over synthetic substitutes for home and office use. Create a warm and welcoming environment
with the latest hot colors and design trends.

  • Farmhouse styling an vintage accent pieces
  • Scandinavian/Danish Modern furniture with simple clean lines
  • Wood and natural elements
  • Contemporary geometric and textured patterns in upholstery, wallpaper
  • Metallic décor
  • Concrete surfaces
  • Multi-functional/purpose furnishings
  • Open kitchen shelving
  • White flooring: rugs, tiling, wood floors; brightens and gives a spacious feel
  • Going green with sustainable home ideas
  • Repurposed items throughout the home
  • Japanese Wabi Sabi and Indian Vantu aesthetics have taken over wear Fung shei left off!
  • Multigenerational housing
  • Painted accent walls
  • Bright and warm colors in water inspired hues, and various shades of black
  • 2018 Hot Colors:
    Sherwin-Williams: Oceanside, opulent and mysterious green-blue hue Benjamin Moore: Caliente, a vibrant red
    Olympic: Black Magic
    Glidden: Deep Onyx
    Behr: The Moment, a cool, tranquil, spruce blue inspired by nature
    Pantone’s color of the year: Ultra Violet an exciting hue to give any room a jolt



Go Bold With A Black Accent Wall or Exterior Trim
Black is a trendy color choice for creating beautiful accent walls in homes and office spaces

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