What Colors Say About You: Repainting, What Mood Do You Want to Create?

The colors we choose to paint our home or office reflect our personalities whether we realize it or not. It can set the tone of the room, make our families, employees or customers feel relaxed, secure, comfortable, adventurous, cheerful, energetic, and sensual or have an adverse effect making them anxious, unhappy, argumentative or sad. If you’re contemplating repainting and/or redecorating buy a box of crayons and have everyone select the color or colors that they love, make them feel good and motivate them. Consider their choices. What do the colors indicate about their personality and how will they affect their moods?

White: Dislike clutter, sharp, sophisticated and design-savvy. However, for some who choose white walls, it may reveal that they are actually afraid and overwhelmed by using color.

Black: Artistic, sensitive yet strong, serious and introspective. This is a powerful color also associated with sex, death, and mystery. Black may make you feel depressed, or make you feel secure.

Grey: Conveys neutrality, low energy, coolness, secluded and a level of sophistication. Grays can be depressing if the right tone isn’t selected; mixed with splashes of higher energy colors such as red, yellow or purple will warm and raise the spirit of the room.

Red: Daring, tenacious, determined, flashy, romantic, extroverted and impulsive. Red raises a room’s energy level and is known to raises one’s blood pressure, stimulate the appetite and conversation. It is frequently associated with excitement, action, and impulse.

Blue: Lovers of blue seek harmony, are reliable, orderly, sensitive and thoughtful. However, it can be perceived as cold, unemotional and unfriendly. It is said to bring down blood pressure, slow respiration, and heart rate. It also suppresses the appetite; not the ideal color for kitchen or dining room by itself.

Blue is the most popular color.

Green: Nature lovers love green indicates affectionate, loyal, and frank personality. Those who favor green consider their reputation to be very important. It’s the easiest color for the eyes to focus on for long periods of time, soothes pain and is associated with optimism.

Yellow: Love learning, teaching, confident, and optimistic. Yellow captures the joy of sunshine, lifts your spirits and self-esteem; too much of it, or the wrong tone, can create an anxious environment.

Brown: Earthy, outdoorsy, serious, solid, reliable supportive, with a warm personality. It is considered more natural, and less sophisticated perhaps than other colors. It’s relaxing and make you feel cozy; often used in dens and family rooms.

Orange: Friendly, ambitious, confident and have a combination of the personality traits of lovers of red (high energy) and yellow (happy). It can increase oxygen supply to the brain to produce an invigorating effect. It is often connected with healthy food and stimulates the appetite.

Purple: Creative, spiritual, truthful, decadent and lovers of luxurious things. Purple is the color of royalty; combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. Violet tones of purple encourage deep contemplation or meditation. Excessive use of purple can make something appear to lack quality.

Pink: Youthful, feminine and nurturing. Pink, unlike red, has a tendency to soothe, rather than stimulate. Too much pink is physically draining and can be considered emasculating.

All colors have a warm and cool shade. If you choose warmer shades, they can make a room feel more intimate; cool hues, on the other hand, expand a space. If you gravitate to unusual shades, you probably like to stand out, so celebrate your uniqueness. Ultra-bright shades are less relaxing and more energetic than more subtle tones.

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