Why Quality Paint is Worth the Money

Generally speaking, one should buy the best paint they can afford, because the cost of paint is an excellent indication of the quality. The expensive paints typically contain more pigments than the less expensive or bargain paints. Therefore, they produce a thicker, longer-lasting, more protective coating, and are more visually pleasing. The better quality paints are manufactured to provide the most even coverage possible, with the least number of coats. Bargain priced paints skimp on materials that would provide the same quality and thickness of coverage.

Before you start your painting project you will need to consider what items you have to buy and how to prep the walls of your house. For the usual painting project, you will need the following: paint, primer, rags, brushes, tarps, spackle, ladder, and trays.

Once you begin painting, whether interior or exterior, you should start with a primer, as primers help to prevent paint from being absorbed into the wall in uneven patches, and will smooth any cracks and blemishes that may appear beneath the surface of the paint. Then you would have to apply approximately two or more coats of paint on top of the primer.

If the room(s) you are having painted get a lot of exposure to the sun, consider fade-resistant paint. The less expensive paints will surely fade over time and not stand up to being washed.

If you invest in the cheaper paints, you must use more coats of paint, not to mention the amount of time you must allow the paint to dry between coats. This can be anywhere from five hours to an entire day. Inexpensive dark paints can take over a week just to finish a single paint job. So, you actually wind up spending more time and money on the lesser priced paints; they really aren’t such a bargain!

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The painting and restoration of a house can be a significant investment; however it is well worth the money, as it helps retain and often increases the value of the property. If you are selling your home, a fresh exterior paint job will enhance the curb appeal and a fresh interior coat will help in the staging process of the sale of your home. See Our Painting Specials »