Why Focal Walls are a Good Idea

According to any architect or interior designer all rooms should have a focal point. The easiest way to create one, especially when there is none, is with a beautiful and interesting focal or accent wall.

  • The focal wall can break up a large space such as a basement or great room and can help emphasize architecture, chimney, artwork, cherished antique or furniture.

  • Be daring! Have one wall painted red or other vibrant color. Now would be the time to try the color you always wanted, but were previously hesitant.

  • A focal wall is also a great way to divert attention from an eyesore, architectural flaw or even a TV.

  • Create warmth or drama by adding a focal wall. Opt for a new pallet of colors, with the focal wall in a darker contrasting shade.

  • Consider using texture paint or wall covering, an interesting pattern or a different paint finish for the focal wall.

  • Tiling isn’t just for bathrooms or kitchens, tiling makes for an incredible accent wall.

For a reasonable amount of money, you can make a big impact on the appearance of any room in your home or office by adding color. Any room in the house can benefit from having a focal wall, whether it is the living room or dining room.

The experts at Roche Painting can help you choose the right color and the right wall and rooms, so you can feel that there is a balanced use of color throughout your home.

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