House Sale Prep Tips: Painting and Other Quick-fixes for Selling Your Home


Generally speaking, there is no one home improvement project a homeowner can do that will bring a 100% return on investment. However, there are changes you can make to provide a good ratio of return, and more importantly, make the home more appealing, to prospective buyers.

  • Cleaning your house and clearing out the clutter, goes a long way in preparing your home for resale. Buyers need to be able to visualize themselves living there with their things.
  • Bad first impressions are hard to overcome. Some won’t even get out of the car if the outside of a home is so off-putting.
  • The first thing you need to do is take an honest look at your house. Pretend you’re the potential buyer pulling up. Does the house have curb appeal?
  • Then proceed throughout the house, room by room. Notate what the positives and negatives are, keep your personal taste and emotions aside.
  • Get the neighborhood comps to determine your asking price and so you can decide on a budget for home improvements that will give you the most bang for the buck.

Roche Painting can help you to decide which changes you should consider, for the staging process, to bring you closer to getting your ideal price for your home.

  • Front door new paint, opt for a complimentary color to the exterior. Red, green, brown or blue are popular colors.
  • Facade and exterior paint. Is the outside of your home faded, dirty, or peeling? A fresh coat will do wonders.
  • Repainting any rooms and ceilings in the house, especially those that have dirty walls or colors that may stand in the way of potential buyers visualizing the potential use of the room. Instead, choose a neutral palette.
  • Ceilings, repaint them, buyers are always looking up for water or smoke damage, stains, and cracks. Choose the room(s) that need it most.
  • Remove wallpapering. Keep in mind, not everyone will love your flocked purple flowered bathroom.
  • Substitute a clean paint job for wood paneling. You can either remove the existing paneling or whitewash over it, this will brighten up any room and leave the buyer the option to keep the paneling.
  • Upgrade the flooring without putting a big dent in your pockets. Pull up old linoleum or carpeting the from entertainment areas: living room, dining room and/or family room. Buyers today prefer alternate flooring in those areas.
  • Epoxy coat stained garage or basement floors for a great new look.
  • Get rid of the popcorn ceilings. Even if you choose not to do the whole house, pick one or two key rooms, like the living room or kitchen.
  • Replace cracked molding or add a touch of class with beautiful crown molding in the living room or bedroom area.
  • Remodel bathroom or kitchen, or install new backsplashes. Replace broken tiles. These larger investments can pay off big time.
  • Restain the deck and railing, fix or replace the stairs…do not forget about the outdoor living space.
  • Finish the basement or garage. Add drywall, flooring, etc. This adds valuable additional living space to the square footage.

Call Roche Painting, they are not only expert house painters but perform expert home improvements and renovations. We can get your house resale ready. When all is said and done, you may just decide you love your home so much, not to move!

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The painting and restoration of a house can be a significant investment; however it is well worth the money, as it helps retain and often increases the value of the property. If you are selling your home, a fresh exterior paint job will enhance the curb appeal and a fresh interior coat will help in the staging process of the sale of your home. See Our Painting Specials »

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